Friday, June 3, 2011

Back in the Black Hills

The pack shared breakfast with Curt and Linda and bade those fine folks in Sheridan good-bye as they headed off to work (over-rated!) and we hopped back into the Bread Box to make our way east to the Black Hills. We took the scenic route to Gillette, WY and when near town viewed several coal mines at work.

BIG truck: (haul capacity may be 300 tons?)

Coal heading for the silos seen in the background. The silos then load into trains.

Retired bucket at the viewing area.

After driving around Gillette and then having lunch, we proceeded towards the Black Hills. Arly and Sandy remembered fondly how they had meet on a bike ride near Spearfish, just a few (19?) years ago. Soon the pack met up with our old ski buddy, Kent. Now that Kent has retired he's got lots more time for trail grooming, so he and Arly chewed the fat about that and rides. Later we all headed to the Centennial Trail for a great little hike in the woods.
Our turn around point on the Centennial Trail.
Old shelter, formerly used for logger's records.
Pole-aided stream crossing. No wet feet (wimps!)

We cooked supper and visited until late. Tomorrow, biking!

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