Monday, May 2, 2016

We finally got started!

They got the camper out which could only mean one thing: 
camping adventure!
When Sandy got home on Friday afternoon, we packed up and headed west to our favorite FS campground near Cable WI.
We got our favorite site!
I'll rub my snout right here.
The sun went down shortly after we set up. 

We discovered the CG was completely empty.
It was cool overnight, close to 32. 

We also found the water pump was busted
from a large object striking it.  Can you guess what?
Without water, they'll not be showering but I just use
whatever creek or lake.

OK, maybe now we can run some!
On Saturday morning, we started out at the OO trail head.
Ya Arly, let's take the Makwa trail
No leaves = good sighting for hunting!
Makwa means bear in Ojibwe...wonder if we'll spot one.
After lunch we headed over to ride the Ojibwe trail.
9 year olds say, I need to save my joints for hunting later.
They have such a nice chalet here.
Arly admired the stove and the mitten driers.
Up to the start we go.
We out-of-shape riders just went for a short jaunt.
But fun, all the same!
Early spring, once it's dry like now, is the best.
No bugs and you can see everything!
And of course the temps are excellent.
Back to the start...

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