Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Swedetown swing II!

With the sun out and trails drying, I've coaxed my pack out a few times and on Tuesday Jim and Melissa were in town so we swung up to ride Swedetown trails with them.   This was our second time there this year.   It was great! 
We are getting ready to go.

We're off!  Sandy got a nice photo of me here.

Here they come.

Vermin spotting is still good,
since the leaves aren't out yet.

South Side trail is always fun.

We met this fellow along they way. 
I'm sure he's friendly but we didn't stop.

Sandy got a nice shot here!   You can see the trail wander into the right side.
Now we'll go down Farmer's Well.

We went right through the kitchen.

I checked for the sand hill cranes that we saw here last year.

On our way back now.

We stopped so I could cool off and get a nice drink.

We has SUCH a nice ride with them.

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