Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First ride -n- camp adventure of the season, part 2

 Saturday after our ride adventures, we had more fun at camp. 
Hey! I spied a chipmunk go down this hole.
Suppertime! I had lame kibble.
MMM...fire roasted steak, veggies, and toast.

After supper, I egged them out for more adventure.
We went around a short nearby trail.

I found some new friends!
Although, they were not interested in being friendly.
They scampered right up the tree when I tried to say "hi".

Where's the dog?  Hunting dogs can hide among the roots.

Later, I made more progress on excavating out that chippy.

After another brisk evening, we got up for Sunday breakfast.
As usual, I didn't get any pancakes. 
Gee, it again got near 30 last night.

Then, down to Namekagon Township Hall trail head.

We had the trails to ourselves today.

The day started out cloudy and cool -
perfect for a winter dog.

Hey! I think we should go that way.

Oh my, some winter fall across the trail.

Later, the sun came out.

I'm glad it didn't get any warmer!

Almost back.

We pop back out by the township hall.
Another great CAMBA camp adventure!
Maybe you'd like to come along next time?  Just get in touch
with my pack.  I'd LOVE to see you along!

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