Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Snow then Duluth and Ely MN adventures!

Ya! My pack finally took a few days off for a mini-vacation. Lucky for us, it stayed cool and snowed so we had some excellent snow adventures.
On Friday, we stopped in Ironwood.
They got about a foot of fresh snow!

We skied the trail at Miner's Park. It was great!
Then we drove to Ashland WI to stay overnight.
Trail mutts do like to relax after a nice ski.

Friday night was cold, so the skiff of fresh snow
on the trails in Brule WI held up well.
This is the After Hours trail.

Hunting was good, as usual. The bounding was easy!

Then we headed to Duluth. I got to see Grampa...

...and Gramma!

I'm so glad we stayed at the Days Inn again.
They are Trail Mutt Approved, ya know.  The staff is soooo friendly
Next we headed up to Ely.
On Sunday we took an adventure hike at Kawishiwi Falls.

The roaring falls were scary! I had to stay close.

I could get swept away in the torrent, ya know.

The power dam seen in the distance is still functional.

We spied a canoe portage.
I'm not much of a boating fan anyway.

It was a busy day. Me and Grampa had to take a nap.
On Monday we had an excellent adventure at Bass Lake
 but my lame pack forgot the camera.
We'll try and get some photos next time.

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