Monday, April 18, 2016

kids, snow, creek and hikes!

On Sunday afternoon, I got in some kid time!  They came with us to see Swedetown creek and shut gates,  plus see what the water had been doing.
Dominick and Anthony run ahead.

I love to run too.  I'll show them how fast I can be!
We took a ski trail that Arly grooms.

Oh good, now I cool off in my favorite creek.

I don't think Dominick and Anthony had ever seen
Swedetown creek before.
I love it when you pet me.

They looked at the map to see where we are.

We all dank water.   It was HOT out!

Ya Dominick, you can scratch me some.

Anthony likes to hug me, I love that.

Here's the gate we needed to dig out and shut.

We had SO much fun together.
To celebrate, I take another snow bath.

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