Sunday, April 3, 2016

Monk's trail adventure!

We've been getting more snow the past few days, and that just cranks a snow dog up!  (ya - ME!)  On Saturday morning we headed north to the Monk's trail which is just up the hill from Eagle Harbor.  We visit here most springs and you can see past posts here.
At the parking lot.  This is their church symbol.

Lots of creeks and bridges on this little hike.  I'm brave!

The snow and wind from awhile back pulled lots of branches
and whole trees down.   Oh ya Sandy, let's get that one off.

I say it's a fine day for a picnic!

The new snow over the crust made for excellent conditions.

Me and Arly checked out Jacob's Creek.

I think we should have camped out here.
The conditions were perfect, for a trail mutt.

The creek near the Arnold Mine ruins.

We stopped by to say 'hi' to the trout.
Nessie must be hibernating, we didn't see her.

We didn't fish today.  I do love fish!
See you again, soon we hope!

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