Sunday, March 18, 2012

NCT Black River falls hike near Ironwood, MI

Off to Ironwood to get our taxes done and while there we hiked down the North Country trail to see the water falls roaring in spring on the Black River.   There are 5 falls long a 6 mile stretch of this gorgeous little river.   Wow! This was a great 4.5 mile hike!  We did another 5 miles back to the bread box Honda which made for a long and tiring hike, even for a  adventure dog.  Please note we didn't get to see all the falls, nor get good photos of the ones we did see.
I see the path to adventure.  Let's go!

Ya, bridges make me nervous.

Looks like we go THIS way.

The last of ice falls can still be seen here.
My pack stops for a break.
Rushing water makes me stay close for comfort!
White water kayakers do come down this.  But we didn't see any today!

Back to the BB Honda!

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