Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adventures near (former) Norwich Mine

With spring fast approaching, the pack wanted to head to the hills in Ontonagon county. We wanted to hike on the Lake Superior Shore shove ice, but recent photos of that showed it to be low and unspectacular. So we decided to try something snowier. This pack only likes spectacular adventures, after all.
We hadn't been on this section of the Trap Hills before.
We started out going up...and up...and up...
We were rewarded with a great view at the top.
You can see that Lake Superior is ice-free.

We'd never seen these very old NCT markers before.
Up we hiked again, and yet another great view.
Trail dogs don't need no stinkin' map to find adventure!

Creek crossings can sometimes be a scary adventure.
Oh wait, I love water!

At lunch time I was hunting up some grub...

...but that turned up empty. Boy does that fishy stuff smell good!
The Norwich Mine. I think I smell guano...

After a few hours, we hopped onto this Forest Service road.

The pack needed (another!) break.

The last stretch back to the car.

This is Victoria Road. We drove out on it last fall.
Only a few snowmobiles had been on it.

Finally, the end! I can't believe you need those things on your feet.
All-paw drive is way better.

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