Monday, March 26, 2012

CAMBA trail fun

This weekend we headed west to Cable Wisconsin after hearing CAMBA along with the National Forest Service, was offering chain saw certification classes so volunteers could operate saws on NFS property. They were kind enough to let out-or-town friends to take the same course!  You know how I love the CAMBA trails and right now their becoming an IMBA affiliated club.
They really have done some good things with their trails here!!
Oh ya, these NFS guys even scratched my ears.  You know I LOVE that!
After class room instructions, they hit the woods to cut things!
They look pretty serious here.

While Arly was in classes, Sandy and I hiked trails near Namakagon. This is Sisyphus rock, a trail feature.   Ya we can do it.

I love these trails!
This was the official start of our camping season.
Behind snow adventures, camping is close to my favorite!

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