Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wydaho - Teton treats

Friday evening we finally arrived to the friendly greeting of more 2 and 4 leggeds: Randy and Jennifer, and Kyla, Rosche, and the chief cat, Romeo. Though we figured we'd be rained out yet again, Saturday dawned mostly clear and pleasant. After a fantastic home-made lentil salad, all the critters (except Romeo) headed out for a bike ride on a local rail-trail.
A break out of the wind.

Looooong bridge over Bitch Creek

We were all a little tired at the end.

What a great day! We all felt better after a little run. Even though it was invigorating, it did make us sleepy that evening...

While we 4 leggeds caught up on our rest, the 2 leggeds enjoyed good company and another fantastic home cooked meal, this time some butt-kickin' chili. Pass the sour cream!

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