Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally, we're on vacation!

The bosses wanted you to hear their exciting news, which isn't all that exciting to any trail dogs I know. Anyway, Sandy's search for a new job has been successfully completed, and now that she's done with the old job, the pack can finally head out for our long-anticipated Wild West Adventures. The pack will be stopping at many exciting places to bike, hike, and maybe even cross country ski. I'm hoping for swimming too, of course. Trail dogs like to cool off in a refreshing stream. All in all, we'll be seeking adventure for the next month! This is the stuff that trail dogs find interesting.

So late on Wednesday May 18th the  pack all jumped into the Bread Box car pulling the camper, all loaded up with adventure gear. We camped at a great little Forest Service camp ground on Mineral Lake near Mellen WI. We heard loons hooting last night and coyotes yipping this morning, which made this conservative dog nervous. Once all packed up, we headed to the Namakagon Town Hall parking area and headed out for a nice little 12 mile MTB ride. Finally, we're biking!
Ready to roll!

Behind the Brickhouse coffee shop in Cable.

Next stop: Cayuna State Park in MN to check out the new MTB trails.

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