Sunday, May 15, 2011

April hikes

Hiking up Silver Mountain
The last weekend in April the pack gathered up for a couple hikes in the Ottawa National Forest south of home, near L'Anse MI. For those of you who have not heard of that, it is near Bovine and Aura. ;)

The leafless trees allowed us to see through the forest readily. It was a blustery day. The photo above was a wind sheltered area but on the top you had to hold onto your hat!

The Silver Mountain hike is short but worth the drive for the views and fascinating geology.

Glacier scratches (or was it a really big dog??)

The finish of the hike brought us down a steep stair case which ended near an old mine shaft. Good thing brave dogs can do these steep steps!

After hiking around Silver Mountain, we drove a short distance more down the windy Forest road to the parking area near Sturgeon Falls. This was a bit longer of a hike with a very loud, fast running, scary sounding waterfall at the bottom.
Huddling for security.
We didn't happen to see it, but apparently the Forest Service knows of a prime hang gliding launch nearby...

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