Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sunday's LONG NCT hike

Oh Ya.   On Sunday we did a 12 mile long hike down the North County trail just south of Houghton.
We found out that a few rainy days this week really fill up these little creeks!
We started out on the parking area at the bend of South Laird Road.

This is the start of Segment 36.

It was a good year for growing berries and brush.
This is the trail.

Here we're approaching Boulder Creek.

Hey! A hiker comment box and log.

Our honorable mention from Laura and Chase.
They were both mentioned in earlier adventures.

After finding Silver River running high and wild and no
good tree bridges, we headed back.
Here we're re-crossing Boulder Creek.

It's been a banner season for mushrooms of all shapes, sizes,
and colors.

After getting back to the car, we drove to the trail head on FR 2200.
This is the start of segment 37.

Luckily, there is a reliable crossing of the Sturgeon River!

Overgrowth in the flood plain of the Sturgeon.

We crossed through some areas that had been logged.

Hey! We made it to the segment that we worked
on with the MTU students a few years back.

Hmmm....guess the adopters didn't have loppers
or weed whackers?
We seem many shoots broke over like this,

We hike down the ridge back towards the Sturgeon.

Someone with a bow saw gave up on that one.

All the rivers and creeks today were brown from run-off
and were running high and fast.

Fungus in the trees....

...and on the forest floor. We had such a nice romp today!

Stay tuned!  On Saturday we head to the north shore to see Sandy's folks in Ely and do some hikes up there.

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