Tuesday, September 27, 2016

North shore and vacation, here we go!

OK, on Saturday morning my pack was loading the camper.
Trails mutts stay close by and lessen
 the chance of being left behind.
We stopped at the Gogebic Ridge for a hike.
This is near Bergland MI.

We found it a tad rustic.

White blazes means spur trail, not the NCT.

Then the rain started up.

Then it ended. We stopped to view this peak.
Someone had camped here.

Oh good, a cool creek

That night we stopped at a FS campground along US 2,
on Wanoka Lake.

I watch for squirrels.  They don't know who they are dealing with!

This is sooooo nice.

The next morning.  It's another exciting vacation day!

Now we're traveling up the north shore of Lake Superior.
Next stop is is a FS campground just north of Tofte.

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