Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saturday NCT adventures!

With temps predicted to climb high, on Saturday morning we headed west to the Old Victoria town site and hiked west from there on the North Country Trail.
We're already hot and we've not yet started!

Just down the trail, we see this sign

Shortly after that, we met two dirt bikers riding down the trail.

We spoke with one who said "we didn't know we couldn't ride here
.... really".  Heard that line before.
They had passed a "hiking trail only" sign just a short ways earlier. 

What kept them off the trail was downed trees.
We guess that many had fallen when a storm blew through
a week earlier.

On Lookout Mountain, overlooking the Victoria dam

This cut over section could have used some brushing
 to allow the blazes to come into view.

Considering that the storm we had was quite bad,
we didn't really see that many trees across the trail.

We stop for a cool dip and thimble berries.

On a ridge, we gaze at the view east.

The view west.

All the chipmunks were out today.

The Talus Slope.

It was hotter here.
We stop for a snack on a logging road.
 I rolled in this luxurious grass. 
Behind Sandy is remains of a camp fire.
Evidence of old copper mines.

We hiked along a ridge.

Old blaze of confusion?  Seems one fell apart from age.

Since this is a 2-track, we don't mind the blow downs...
good to they keep the ATV's out.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog!! The Talus Slope looks fun! ....and downed trees are fun on a hike trail. Something to navigate over/around makes for an enjoyable little challenge. :-)