Thursday, August 11, 2016

NCT trail clearing adventures

Over the weekend we headed west for a weekend of trail clearing adventures on the North Country Trail.
Our section is just south of Mass City.
First thing, the parking lot was whacked down to help reduce
the bug count.

Ya, I just love camping here.

Then we checked out Tank creek.
This was Friday evening, right after we got here.

This is the NCT parking lot.

We woke to a beautiful, cool, dry, sunny day.

The had blue berry pancakes. And bacon! I love bacon.

We took a new route out to the section we wanted to do today.
It was great!

Now we're on it.

Our goal was to reblaze it and check out the trail's condition.

Oh gee, Arly's getting silly with the paint.

8 hours later we're out!
This is a another logging RD we took back.

Sandy says I made a mess of my coat today.  I like getting brushed.
Why are we getting more water from the creek??


That evening we meet a hiker!   This is Jo.  I love her.

Those guys are having salads again. Don't you even eat meat?!

Oh yes, I did smell that.

They had another nice meal with wine.

The next morning they are whacking near by Tank creek.

They reblazed it as well

The chipmunks here have no idea of my hunting prowess.

Did Larry leave his hatchet out here?
 I'd love to see you along to help.

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