Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October CAMBA adventures, day 2 & 3

On Monday, we were treated to another perfect cool, calm, dry day, slightly warmer though.
Hummmm, pancakes & bacon help start the day off right.

We headed over to Cable to ride the Ojibwe trail.

Hey! I spied some wild life here.  I wasn't scared.

Oh we do love this trail!

This might be our favorite here.

Back at the trail head, me and Arly found Ron's
equipment storage building.  Where is he??

After lunch we headed to Rock Lake for a short ride.

Poor little Ginzu gets left out to rust and fade...

Yum! Fresh steak from our favorite Rondeau's.

I even got some, for a change.

On Tuesday, we headed down to Namakagon Town Hall trail head.
We met some very friendly bikers on the trail.

Ahhh! I got to have a cooling stop in Patsy Lake.

We were glad the sun didn't get too hot.

Little rough and bumpy is no problem for all-paw drive!

There were more leaves turned and down here.

Hi! We met this friendly couple several times this weekend.

Our last camp meal - lunch before packing up.

I hope we can come back again this year!


  1. So Trail Mutt I've been wondering does your pack ever ride individual bikes? All your pictures only show the tandem. Just curious. Can't wait to see pictures of the snow up there.

  2. No Paul, My pack likes to run, or I mean ride together, so they only ever ride tandems.