Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trail work continues, almost done!

The new trail behind the Old Apostolic church was finally done.

Now (Sunday 11/24) we're checking the bridges in the gorge.

Look at all the ice under the water!

Ya I love ice, winter and the snow.

The cribbing Mark and Scott added a few weeks ago.

This is the middle bridge which we'll replace next fall.

A little rock like this is no match for a trail mutt who jumps!

This is the new cribbing at the Dam Meadow.  It looks sweet!
Now (Monday 11/25) we're whacking weeds.
Will you guys ever get this stuff done!!

Scott is taking out a tree the groomers were hitting.

Ya, now it won't push them into the creek.
Usually I recommend going in the creek...but I suppose
the machines shouldn't!

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