Sunday, November 17, 2013

New ski trail cutting party!

The Old Apostolic church expanded their parking lot this fall and doing that swallowed a portion of our ski trails.   So this week we got into cutting a new one and I of course had to supervise.   These photos where taken over two days.
You can see the yellow ribbons we are following.
Scott now thinks pole saw's are deluxe!

Paco came to help!  He's a trail mutt like me.

These guys pulled these branches off like mules!  I love them!

Now he's pulled a larger one down.

With a crew like this, we'll get something done!

Dave came to help. Oscar had to take a break.

OK guys, let's get the rock rolled off the trail.

With all these friendly trail people here,
we'll get it cleared in no time!!

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