Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finally, winter!

On Thanksgiving Day the pack scurried around to finish every last bit of fall yard work plus the final touches on the dam meadow bridge widening project. Why work so hard on a holiday, one where folks should relax and eat way too much? Because the last day of fall was going to turn into the first day of winter overnight...and the weather man had it 100% right!

So on Saturday November 24th our winter adventures finally began... 
Hey, it looks like a great day for a trail adventure!

C'mon! Let's go already!

We headed to the high country of Twin Lakes.
They had a foot of new snow!

We wore our color just in case.
(The deer hunters will be out until next Friday...
they can't hunt in this park but you never know.)

Ya Arly, I bet there's vermin in there too.

We stopped for a cool down.

I love to leap and bound in the fresh snow.

The snow thermometer proves they really had a foot.

 I was swimming in the snow, does that count?
After all the bounding, I got tired during the ride home.

After supper, we went to check out the trails at Tech.

All in all, it was a grand day for a winter dog!

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