Sunday, May 14, 2017

NCT trail check!

Every spring, before the bugs come out and the heat turns on, we head to our section of the North Country Trail and clear it.  Today we hiked it just to investigate its condition and a trail mutt like me, loves the chance  to run on it some.
I was so happy to get out AND be at our favorite camp site on Gardner RD,
I had to roll in the pine needles.

OK lets get a going.  We are hiking west and 10 miles south of Mass City MI.

This way!
Oh, oh, tank creek is sure up!

Seems a family of beavers have moved in!

Back on the trail, they've been using it to skid logs to the creek.

Hunting is always the best here!

But that made me hungry and I asked for my kibble.

At our favorite take-a-rest spot.

It was wet, but not as bad as we thought it may be.

A hiker and dog had recently passed.  Maybe a thru hiker?

Oh good, there is plenty of water in the creeks.
Labradors and marsh marigolds just go together.

It really is spring here.  More so than at my home.

The descent to the Middle Branch has really eroded over the years.

Made it!

New bear gnawings were seen on the bridge.

How could this possibly taste good?

OK, let's head back!

Water's back down from spring melt-off.
Here's where this eroded trail will be re-routed. It's high, and dry!  We hike it back out.

A few trilliums were up.

Oh, Darling Creek is a great cooling spot.

My pack cleared this a couple years ago when the alder's had made it impassable.
Stil Lookin' good yet!
Funny because someone told us it would grow right back

I found another good cooling spot.

The trail's kinda wet, as we guessed it would be.


This 2-track is in rough shape.
The tadpoles will be happy to know, we won't be driving in on it soon!

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