Monday, May 3, 2021

Back to Bob! The NFS campground that is.

 On Friday after Sandy got away from work, we headed to Bob Lake campground.

This could be the nicest campground in the whole world.

And we were the only ones here.
Not even any bugs!

Arly got a fire going right off.

Then we had peanuts.

We even had a lake side table!

What a nice evening.


On Saturday after breakfast,
we got to work clearing the Beaver Lodge trail.

Arly cut down some dead fall and leaners here.

I checked for frogs.  We seen the painted turtles here.

Here's a big one we'll need to come back for.

Lunch time! MMM it smells good.

Everyone can smell Zup's polish sausage.

Young dogs with lots of energy dig for chipmunks.
Older mutts were on had to provide tips and tricks.

We clear some dead-falls in camp.

Late in the afternoon, I head some loud birds landing.
Ya our swans came back!









They came rather close.
Later, Bubba and Dean stopped by just to see us!
Bubba asked me in and I was happy to oblige.
Then it was time for fire-roasted steak.
By evening, the day's business finally caught up to some of us.

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