Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Clearing the Pilgrim River Watershed trails

 On Tuesday afternoon, Sandy and Arly got away early and we headed to Boundary Road to weed whack the weeds and ferns on the single-track section of the Pilgrim River Watershed trail.   

We hadn't done any whacking out here yet this summer.

On the way out, we bumped into the
friendly crew doing river bank restoration.

Then we found a boat!  The river bank restoration
crews were using it to haul in heavy supplies.
It would be fun to go for a ride with them!


Although, I like wading in the river. Kelpies don't
need to float in a boat.


Arly made me jump on this rock
and had me "say hello". He said I
needed more guidelines in my life.
What does that mean?

Trail's not as weedy as past years.  It's been a dry summer.

Oh, here she comes.

We did get around the single track today.

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